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The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.


Selection of business, market scope, business model, competitors etc. all are interlinked elements to start any business. We as a Strategy Consultant, identify most critical & most feasible directions for business and help clients to select right business modes.  



Strategy Consultant
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We are first listeners, observers and then after executors. Micro level observation of existing business is our strongest value, it helps us to innovate process, product or services in sync with management vision. Be it Government, Start-up, SMEs or Corporate, we always works towards innovation in existing or new business areas.




We are your add on team members, who understands your business and start working on multiple x growth without impacting existing revenues. We worked on long tail strategies that sometime requires re-alignment of existing set up or some time just few changes, that’s why we act as a ‘Force multipliers’ for business and revenue.



New Business Strategy


Business Strategy

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Strategy related myths and queries:

Usually we hire team from same industry or someone who is doing a set of activities from ‘X’ years. This scenario creates a mindset block as that team works for 9-10 hours daily and don’t get bandwidth to think from different angle. Whereas Strategy Consultant comes with diversified domains and works with multiple clients, this experience helps in identifying the problem in shortest time and gives new prospects.

Strategy is the first step towards your business and ‘Concept Stage’ is the right time to discuss with Strategy Consultant as he/she will understand your business idea and validate it from different prospects. If Strategy Consultant advises you same points then your are 100% confident for your business idea otherwise your will get multiple new insights and that will help in your decision to start new business.

No business is small or big, there is always scope to enhance it. You don’t need business consulting for entire year, just take 1-2 sessions from Strategy Consultant and he will give your new ideas for expanding the business, identify process gaps, new means of doing advertising and much more. So by paying very small fee you can take a benefit for upcoming years.

Yes we do Strategy Consulting along with execution. Our usual projects are 12 to 18 months long duration, we analyze your business, form relevant strategy and then execute it also with your team and if needed we hire new team members also.

We have experience in diversified domains. Have worked in IT, Telecom, Wallets, E-commerce, Digital Payments, Education, Apparel, LBS, Mobile Advertisement, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Electronics, Government, Trading, Furniture etc domains across India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, UAE, CIS and UK regions

This is a big myth for almost every start up or mid level company but everyone wants to grow in terms of career, financial, personality etc prospects. And for that growth we need to evaluate our self and our team and most important is our company as if company grows then everyone will get growth. 

We work closely with Management and team members, our 1st objective is to not disturb existing business/ process/ teams. Because till the time we are not getting support from existing team it’s impossible for us to implement new system/ process/ business prospects. So for us also TEAM MANAGEMENT is first priority.

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